The business model of Aczia Biogas is based on two key principles:

  • Diversification of sources of income. An ACZIA Biogas plant generates revenue by:

  1. The sale of electricity.
  2. The sale of heat
  3. The sale of the electric equivalent of the cooling refrigeration generated from the heat.
  4. The collection of processed organic agro industrial waste.
  5. The sale of organic fertilizer produced from the digestate or sub-product resulting from digestion.

Up to five different sources of income, much more than any other renewable source.

  • Not dependent on regulated prices. In contrast to the traditional biogas plant models for electricity production with discharging to the general grid and with a compensation system based on public support through feed-in tariff systems or certificates, our model is based on the Production and sale of biogas for consumption by our customers. It is a model focused on energy efficiency that does not depend on prices regulated by the Public Administration.